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Yudi Noor - FROM
04 September - 24 October 2009
press release
Yudi Noor
Combatant, 2009, mixed media,
193 x 265 x 12 cm
Yudi Noor
Take time to THINK, it is the source of power
Take time to READ, it is the foundation of wisdom
Take time to be QUIET, it is the opportunity to seek God
Take time to DREAM, it is what the future is made of
Take time to PRAY, it is the greatest power on earth
The outside sky and the sky inside are the same,
2009, mixed media,
262 x 310 x 7 cm
Yudi Noor
HASTA BRATA (Eight Acts Of Self Control)
1.-Surya ( The Sun): Shining brightly, we are the source of life. We will be able to grow and develop the life power of the community.
2.- Candra (The Moon): Shining in the dark night, we are here to give spirit and motivation to people both in happiness and sadness.
3.- Kartika (The Star): Twinkling up high, we play the role as the guidance. We are to be a good example for the people.
4.- Angkasa (The Sky): Unlimited in width, that is able to receive anything that comes in. Principally, we shall have a sincere heart and be able to control ourselves in accommodating all opinions, ideas, critiques and suggestions.
5.-Maruta (The Wind): Present everywhere without differentiating the place, we are able to fill in the empty space. We shall be close to people without discriminating their social status.
6.- Samudra (The Ocean): Large, flat at the surface, fresh in nature. We shall love people, and we shall provide the place to acquire peace.
7.- Dahana (The Fire): Burning everything it touches. We shall have the power and courage to put truth before all.
8.- Bhumi (The Earth): Strong, patient and generous, giving benefits to everyone. We shall be generous in serving people.
2009, mixed media, 58 x 550 x 133 cm
Yudi Noor
The Ritual of Kalijaga - HASTA BRATA (detail)
2009, mixed media, 58 x 550 x 133 cm
Yudi Noor
Triangle in Plexi-Bel, 2008,
mixed media,
276 x 110 x 110 cm
Yudi Noor
Akkordeon, 2009,
mixed media,
283 x 52 x 43 cm
Archa II, 2009, mixed media, 43 x 20 x 20 cm
Yudi Noor
Swing Lil Bird, 2009

polyester, metal, wire, bronze, gold
60 x 61 x 28 cm